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🔗 Bye, Growl

Bye, Growl. I got my first Mac in 2006. It was a hand me down Titanium G4 from my uncle. Growl was an essential part of my formative Mac experience tinkering around with Adium and Growl. Ultimately, the right thing happened and Apple brought notifications into the OS, but it all started with Growl.

🔗 People who have complicated blog setups don’t post much

Feeling a little seen by this post from Rakhim:

🤓 A Static Website by Any Other Name

meta architecture serverless
Glasswaves Programmers are familiar with the truism that naming things is hard. The name “Glasswaves” occurred to me when I was working at the Salk Institute which is perched on the cliffs of La Jolla. Not a bad view. Glasswaves for me evokes twilight sessions surfing the emerald green waves of Black’s Beach. The most important property of “Glasswaves”, however, is that it’s a name that’s unlikely to cause me embarrassment in the future. Read more...
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